Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena


Naval battles between cats and pigs


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Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena is a 2D action game that challenges you to participate in thrilling naval battles starred by some charming marine cats. Also, you can battle against the artificial intelligence but your main objective is to fight against other online players.

Controls in Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena are very simple to use. In order to aim your weapons you just have to slide the canon you want to shoot backwards. Using your weapons is similar using the slingshot in Angry Birds.

In between battles customize your ships. You can use dozens of different ships and equip them with different cats. Also, each cat includes its own weapon and totally unique features.

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena is a super fun action game that offers you a unique and fun gaming experience. The game includes super charming cartoon-like visuals.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.

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